In a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks between notes.

LEGATO is a collection of modern circus practitioners from Manila, Philippines brought together by their strong passion towards visual movement arts and object manipulation.

LEGATO focuses on bringing out aesthetically pleasing performances and visuals of object manipulation with the aim to evolve the art form even further.

LEGATO’s ultimate goal is to present and share next level performances – illusion, art,
quality, skill level and aesthetic to a fresh audience and inspire new generations to explore
the movement arts not just as a skill but as a movement and creative expression.

Themed for every client, LEGATO offers customized
routines and dedicates their time and effort to deliver the best performances available in the market.

LEGATO uses the latest and finest equipment available in the performance industry to ensure quality performances. We also provide custom HD imagery and text to leave your
audience and clients a lasting impression.

Media & Performances

Remember your name.

Do not lose hope — what you seek will be found.
Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped
to help you in their turn.
Trust dreams.
Trust your heart, and trust your story.

– Neil Gaiman

Memories of 2022