In a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks between notes.

LEGATO is a collection of modern circus practitioners from Manila, Philippines brought together by their strong passion towards juggling and object manipulation. Legato focuses on bringing out aesthetically pleasing performances and visuals of object manipulation with the aim to evolve the art form even further.




LEGATO offers a variety of choreographed and themed performances from manipulation arts, light shows to fire performances. LEGATO offers customized routines and dedicates their time and effort to deliver the most satisfying performances.

Object Manipulation

Object manipulation is a form of dexterity play or performance in which one or more people physically interact with one or more objects. Many object manipulation skills are recognized circus skills.

Lumination – Light Performances

Dancers bend light using amazing dexterity to form shapes and light trails that leave the audience awestruck and amazed.

Ignite – Fire Performances

A set of thrilling performances and blazing acts that will surely liven up your event.


How it started…

Legato Visual Performing Arts was founded by Alvin Lopez, an object manipulator from Manila and is also one of the pioneer practitioners of Contact Juggling in Manila. He has traveled around the world indulging himself into the craft and along the way, has shared his strong passion towards this art form. Together with the poi enthusiast Victor Belo and contemporary dancer Nemrel Aquino, they formed the group with the intent of pushing the limit of modern circus performance art in the Philippines.

Since its establishment last November 2015, Legato has performed unique pieces and choreography for a wide variety of both local and international stages. The group offers a wide range of modern circus acts such as contemporary juggling acts, programmed LED light dances and mind bending object manipulation.


It is Legato’s ultimate goal is to present and share next level performances – illusion, art, quality and aesthetic to a fresh audience and inspire new generations to explore object manipulation not just as a skill but as movement and creative expression.