Somnus : A Modern Circus Show

Somnus Poster Dec 2018_Final

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Come and join Legato Visual Performing Arts this December in creating a new magical season of Somnus: A Modern Circus Art Show!

Somnus: A Modern Circus Art Show” is a full length theatrical modern circus art show that features the country’s best contemporary juggling, circus and object manipulation acts. The audience will be treated to a mixture of dance, circus, wonder and light spectacles. Experience the breathtaking moments with fellow dreamers as they reinvent, form, dance, and sculpt the fantastic worlds of Somnus.


Overall Director – Alvin Lopez

Screenplay  – Alvin Lopez

Choreographer – Deo Dela Cruz

Assistant Choreographers – Jomelle Era

Stage Manager – Pat Gascon

Assistant Stage Manager– Miguel Arnaldo, Jacelle Sanchez Escañan

Lighting Director – Gabe Estrada

Video Graphic Design – Clarissa Gonzales

Logistics Manager – Jomelle Era

Logistics Assistant – Vin Page

Object and Props Manager – Victor Belo

Wardrobe Manager – Noelynne Jane Figueroa

Props and Wardrobe Assistant – Angelito Atutubo

Costume Designer – Alvin Lopez, Missy Hidalgo, Yukari Lopez

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